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April 12, 2020


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 Hair Fall

when to worry and how to intervene Here is a small guide of the signs to keep under control if the hair fall looks a little or less than usual

Normally we lose up to 100 hairs a day. Which is healthy conditions are immediately reciprocated by new hair? It is precisely the life cycle of the bulb that provides that the hair, which has now reached the end of this cycle, falls when “new” is ready to grow and grow underneath.

Indeed, it is the new hair that drives the fall of the old in the same follicle. In a continuous cycle that repeats itself for about 5 years (it is the average life span of each hair).

In particular conditions of stress for the organism, the life cycle of the bulb described above can slow down its activity, leading to an almost delayed birth of new hair, which otherwise would have sprouted as soon as the others had fallen.

So if we look at the skin, the scalp appears to us freer from hair, showing more portions of the skin. If we put the hair in a queue, it appears thin and emptied. Hair is falling out a lot.

So when to worry about hair fall?

If you find a lot of hair on the pillow, on the brush, on the floor of the various rooms of the house, on the carpets, and even on the sofa and in the car! The hair that collects on the sink after washing with shampoo is a false indicator: first of all, when wet they look more because they come together in a kind of more or less bulky mush.
And then the movements of the fingertips to cleanse the skin do nothing but accelerate the hair close to detachment, which would have fallen anyway.
Also note the skin, especially in the upper area of the head, forehead, and temples: these are the areas where physiologically more hair fall. If the hairline also appears higher than usual, it is better to ask yourself a question.
The state of the nails is also indicative since they are made up of the same amino acids as the hair (in particular, keratin): if they flake, break and struggle to grow sturdy, you probably suffer from some deficiency. Other signs are represented by the collateral or predisposing factors of the fall, such as the change of season, a particularly stressful period for the body (postpartum, breastfeeding, menopause, chronic diseases, etc.) or for the mind (separation, mourning, strong sorrows …).
It is important to examine your lifestyle: does the diet have all the nutrients? Or is it deficient in proteins, fatty acids, and vitamins useful for hair? If you often eat outside the home with fast food meals, poor in fruit and vegetables, fish and meat, legumes and eggs,
it is appropriate to change course. A decidedly worrying factor is the appearance of patches without hair, which hair falls in tufts as soon as they comb their hair: this requires immediate medical attention.

How to intervene: supplements and anti-fall treatments

hair fall solutions hair loss hair loss treatment hair regrowth
It depends on the extent of the problem. If the fall is profuse but not worrying, it is sufficient to choose the appropriate fall protection treatment for itself, consisting of local applications of reinforcing lotions and above all by taking specific hair supplements. You can buy them in a pharmacy without a prescription. If, on the other hand, despite the hair loss treatment and the correction of one’s diet, the hair continues to fall, it is appropriate to resort to the dermatologist, better if specialized in trichology.

He will investigate the causes by suggesting tests and taking a careful history of his general health. And most likely he will prescribe medications to cure the problem. Despite the daily hair loss, we rarely have the impression of having an “empty” head or depleted hair because, as seen, it is a completely natural process. Except sometimes.

Here are the best fall protection treatments: curative shampoos, specifically designed vials to be used before or after the usual wash and specific supplements. You can find these products on the market in the best perfumeries, in herbalists but you can easily buy them online.

I recommend, always pay attention to the quality of the product and the ingredients contained in it and read the leaflet carefully. The good anti-hair loss shampoo promotes hair growth as well as preventing hair loss and improving the strength of the follicle:

it is a real all-round anti-aging treatment for the scalp. If it has an original formula helps control the itching and flaking caused by chronic scalp psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, and even the most common dandruff.

Completely free of sulfates and chemicals such as silicones, parabens, formaldehyde, and synthetic colors or perfumes, this cosmetic is perfect for fortifying the hair during seasonal changes or in particularly stressful periods.

Capsule supplements

hair fall solutions hair loss hair loss treatment hair regrowth
Capsule supplements stimulate hair growth as well as nail and beard growth. The capsules (in mini size to be easily swallowed with a glass of water) contain Biotin, zinc (the mineral that helps to strengthen the hair), rice, and flaxseed flour are completely free of artificial additives to eliminate any type of intolerance.
Vitamin B7 is not only perfect for optimizing the synthesis of keratin but also contributes to the maintenance of thick and strong nails.
It is also important to underline how this type of supplement does not affect the pigmentation of the hair or the dyes and does not contrast the graying as instead you can be led to think. This was all a complete hair fall solution. Through this advisory, you can prevent hair fall Thanks

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