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July 14, 2020


What is Pancreas | Pancreas Functions | Pancreas Location



Anatomy, functions, and diseases that affect the pancreas

Facts about the pancreas

The pancreas is one of the organs of the digestive system in the human body.
The size of the pancreas ranges from 12 to 15 cm and is J-shaped in English.
It is the ductus and endocrine glands.
Its secretes the hormones insulin and glucagon that are chargeable for regulating blood sugar.
The pancreas secretes many enzymes which can be concerned within the digestion course of.

What is the pancreas?

The pancreas is an extended, flat gland situated deep contained in the stomach, and since it can’t be seen or felt externally in our day by day life; Most individuals have no idea sufficient details about him as a lot as they do about the remainder of her physique.
Generally, it is among the essential elements of the digestive system and can be chargeable for the careful management of blood sugar ranges.

Where is the pancreas situated?

It is situated deep contained in the stomach, and a part of it’s located between the abdomen and the backbone. In contrast, the opposite half is situated in the flexion of the duodenum (the first a part of the small gut).
To visualize the place the pancreas does, contact your proper thumb with the precise pinky finger whereas conserving the remaining three fingers clamped and straight, then place your hand in the course of the stomach instantly beneath the decrease ribs so that your fingers are going through to the left. With this, your hand represents the approximate form and degree of its location.
Because of the grave location of the pancreas, the tumours in it are hardly ever tangible (may be felt by urgent the stomach), and this explains why most signs of pancreatic most cancers don’t seem till after the tumour has grown massive sufficient to disrupt the functioning of the pancreas or any of the adjoining organs Such because the abdomen, gut, gallbladder or liver.
What is Pancreas | Pancreas Functions | Pancreas Location


It is split into 5 elements:


The head is the biggest a part of the pancreas. The head is situated in the precise a part of the stomach, and it’s located within the bowel fold.

The pericardial protuberance of the pancreas

The gypsum is part of the top that curls on the posterior a part of the stomach, the gecko curls around two essential blood vessels, the superior mesenteric artery and the superior mesenteric vein.


It is the skinny a part of the gland that’s situated between the physique and the top.


It is the centre a part of the this. which is situated between the neck and tail. The superior mesenteric artery and higher mesenteric vein journey behind this a part of the pancreas.


The tail is the skinny, terminal a part of the pancreas on the left aspect of the stomach close to the spleen.

Pancreas operate

It is consists of two purposeful elements:
As a ductal gland:
The main a part of is an exterior secretory “ductal” gland made up of cells that secrete enzymes that help indigestion. These secretory cells secrete their enzymes right into a successive chain of tubes that finally unite to type the primary pancreatic duct.
The first pancreatic duct runs alongside. It is lastly deposited within the first a part of the small gut.

As a deaf tomorrow

The second operate of the pancreas is to behave like a deaf gland, because it consists of small islands known as “Langer Hans Islands”, these endocrine cells don’t secrete their elements into its channels however reasonably secrete hormones resembling insulin and glucagon instantly into the bloodstream.
The development of a tumour within the pancreas will result in an imbalance in these two essential features. Cancer might hinder the work of secretory cells within the pancreas, which results in irritation of the pancreas with ache attributable to the irregular secretion of enzymes, which affects the pancreas itself as an alternative of affecting the gut, and this will result in issues in digestion resembling diarrhoea resulting from Incomplete digestion meals.
If the tumour destroyed the work of endocrine cells within the pancreas, this might occasionally result in diabetes within the affected person (excessive blood sugar).
What is Pancreas | Pancreas Functions | Pancreas Location
Exocrine Pancreas

What is the yellow sap?

Yellow juice is a yellowish inexperienced liquid that helps digest fat in meals, that are produced within the liver cells. The yellow fluid is secreted using channels that move using its (particularly the top of the pancreas) and mix with the ducts to succeed in the gut on the finish.
Pancreatic tumours might hinder the passage of the yellow juice coming from the liver, inflicting the fluid to return to the liver, inflicting jaundice.

Pancreatic secretions

Instead of carrying the yellow juices, the pancreas channel brings pancreatic secretions that comprise digestive enzymes, the primary pancreatic duct naturally has a diameter of about 1/16 inch and has many lateral branches.
The central pancreatic duct unites with the yellow sap duct on the head of the pancreas to be a “lukewarm ampoule” (An enlargement within the diameter of the tube earlier than it enters the gut).
The passage of those secretions may be obstructed by a tumour and even resulting from a pancreatic surgical procedure.

How the pancreas contributes to regulating the extent of sugar within the blood

The pancreas accommodates teams of cells that act as a deaf gland known as the Langerhans Islands relative to its discoverer Paul Langerhans, these cells secrete insulin, glucagon, and different hormones which can be secreted instantly into the blood, therefore the title “deaf”, these hormones assist in regulating the ratio Blood sugar.

When the blood sugar degree rises, as occurs after consuming, insulin is launched from the Langerhans Islands, which lowers the extent of sugar within the blood using:

Helping the cells of the physique take in sugar from the blood.
Allow the liver and muscle tissues to retailer sugar.
Halting the manufacture of sugar by the liver.
When the blood sugar degree is low, the pancreas secretes the hormone glucagon, which does precisely the alternative operate of insulin:

Stimulates liver secretion of saved sugar.


It will increase the conversion of protein into sugar which can be utilized as a vitality supply within the physique.

The position of the pancreas within the digestive process about 90% of the pancreas is meant to secrete digestive enzymes using acinar cells. These digestive enzymes assist to interrupt down proteins, carbohydrates and fat into smaller sizes, which helps the gut to finish the digestion course of. Asner cells make a particular juice known as the pancreatic juice that gives a suitable setting for the secretion of enzymes. These digestive enzymes embrace:
Pancreatic protease (resembling trypsin and chymotrypsin), which help in digesting proteins.
Amylase, which assists in digesting carbohydrates (sugar).
Pancreatic lipase, which helps in digesting fat.

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The secretion of pancreatic enzymes is managed by the nervous system and hormones. When the physique feels that meals have reached the abdomen, electrical alerts are despatched using the shy able to the asner cells within the pancreas that reply by growing the secretion of enzymes and including them to the pancreas juice. Which in flip passes using the pancreas channel to the primary a part of the small gut the place the proteins develop into efficient to do their job in digesting meals.
What is Pancreas | Pancreas Functions | Pancreas Location
Pancreatic Duct

Enzymes within the pancreas are made ineffectively and switch into an efficient type as soon as they exit.

Pancreatic ailments
Pancreas most cancers.
Diabetes (sort 1).
Acute pancreatitis.
Chronic pancreatitis.
Examination of its features
The work of its is evaluated using several exams, together with:

1- Examining the impact of the 2 diabetes on the features of the pancreas

The small gut secretes the hormone diabetes within the presence of partially digested meals. In flip, it stimulates the pancreas to secrete bicarbonate. Bicarbonate neutralizes the acidity attributable to abdomen secretions, and thus permits digestive enzymes to operate. If the pancreas cells should not be environment friendly, they won’t reply naturally to this hormone.

2- Examination of elastase within the stool

This check measures the elastase enzyme that’s excreted within the pancreatic juice. Elastase digests and breaks down several kinds of protein. The stool pattern is examined by the affected person to disclose the presence of elastase in it.

3- CT scan with distinction dye

This examination helps to exclude most of the issues that trigger belly ache and likewise helps within the recognition of irritation (swelling), scar, fluid, in or across the pancreas.

4- Abdominal ultrasound

This examination helps decide the presence of gallstones or the buildup of fluid from irritation within the stomach (ascites). It may also present the appearance of inflation within the essential yellow sap duct or the presence of boil or cyst.

5- Examination of the pancreas and the gallbladder by reverseoscopy

During this examination, a tube is inserted using the mouth into the abdomen. Into the gut, the place a small catheter is added using the machine to enter the pancreas and the yellow sap duct. A particular dye is injected so that medical doctors can see the yellow sap canal and the pancreas canal through X-rays.
What is Pancreas | Pancreas Functions | Pancreas Location
FNA | Ed Uthman

6- Ultrasound examination using the endoscope

During this examination, a probe linked to an optical endoscope is inserted using the mouth into the abdomen, the place the sound waves from the probe present photographs of the belly organs and elements. This examination helps to detect the presence of gallstones. It additionally helps within the analysis of acute pancreatitis within the occasion that the study of its and gallbladder shouldn’t be attainable by endoscopy.

7- Examination of the pancreas and gallbladder, MRI

This sort of magnetic resonance imaging is used to look at the gastric and pancreatic ducts. It supplies an excellent image of its without using rays. (This sort of examination is imaging reasonably than an analysis of the features.
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