Dialysis | Hemodialysis | Types of Dialysis | Dialysis of Kidney

What is Dialysis?

Dialysis | Hemodialysis | Types of Dialysis | Dialysis of Kidney
A Man Receiving Dialysis

How is performed




Preparation before the hemodialysis

Benefits of hemodialysis

Dialysis or membranous distinction is defined as a healing, therapeutic process that’s often performed to get rid of body waste and extra fluid from the blood. When the kidneys lose the ability to function correctly. In this context, it’s worth highlighting the multiplicity of functions performed by healthy kidneys.

It purifies the blood by getting rid of wastes, water, and excess minerals. The kidneys also produce some hormones that keep healthy blood and bone strength, including the erythropoietin or red blood cell. Component (Erythropoietin), which is responsible for stimulating the bone marrow to manufacture new red blood cells. However, by the research, if the kidneys lose the ability to function 85-90% and the glomerular filtration rate is lower than 15. As in cases of kidney failure, harmful substances may accumulate In the body.

As a result, the blood pressure may rise, and the production of red blood cells may be affected. At this time, the affected particular person needs to bear a kidney transplant or undergo. Dialysis to maintain his life. Volume 0% Reasons for washing Kidney. Doctors recommend Dialysis as a medical alternative to do the kidney function to cleanse the body of toxins and excess water. That occurs in the event of damage or damage to the kidneys.

It is mentioned that kidney problems that require the need for Dialysis may be chronic, i.e., long-term or acute, i.e., occurred. During a period Short E,  the physician may recommend Dialysis in some other medical conditions such as excessive potassium level in the body.

Types of Dialysis

There are two types :

Hemodialysis and peritoneal Dialysis, both of which have pros and cons. The choice of the most appropriate type for the particular person depends on a set of factors. Including the age of the injured, The medical issues he suffers from, the ease of Dialysis, and the kind of Dialysis. Available at the place of the dialysis process.

Hemodialysis, or hemodialysis, is the most common process used in the treatment of kidney failure. Which is A technique used to get rid of excreta, salts, and excess fluid in the blood? When the kidneys lose their ability to function adequately. As the blood is pumped into a particular device to purify it from the previously mentioned substances and then returned to the body after completing the purification.Which helps to control blood stress and maintains the balance of levels of some necessary minerals in the blood such as potassium, sodium, and calcium, it’s worth noting that this method doesn’t.

It is a definitive treatment for kidney failure, but it helps to improve the quality of life for an injured particular person; He feels better and lives longer.

 Pre-hemodialysis preparation

Pre-hemodialysis preparation takes place time before the first hemodialysis session, and this period ranges from several weeks to several months, as the surgeon creates an arterial connection that facilitates access To the blood vessels. The required amount of blood is allowed out from the body, then return to it to ensure the completion of the work of hemodialysis.

This process is indicated to require a period to recover before starting Dialysis, and it’s worth noting that it’s necessary to take care of the location of the connection to prevent infection or inflammation. For direct Preparation of Dialysis, it’s worth measuring the affected person’s temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, and weight, just before he is inserted into Dialysis.

The mechanism of hemodialysis action Two needles are attached to the hand of the affected person who will undergo hemodialysis, where every contact One of these needles is a tube attached to a blood purifier known as the Artificial Kidney or Dialyzer, which is a filter in the form of a hollow plastic tube through which blood flows to It is purified in it. Then the blood is returned to the body again, and this filter contains two parts separated by a semi-permeable membrane.

As the blood flows through the first a part of the filter, while in the second half, a fluid is used in the filtering process known as dialysis liquid or dialysis powder. This liquid contains water and a group of electrolytic materials that are used to balance the level of electrical materials Present in the blood.

Upon completion of the dialysis process, this substance is disposed of with the waste and materials resulting from the blood purification. In this context, it’s worth clarifying that the semi-permeable membrane permits the transfer of dialysis fluid and the waste resulting from the filtering through it. At the same time, the blood cells are not capable of the cross this The membrane, as the steadiness of electrical materials is adjusted based on the percentage of these substances in the blood.

Dialysis | Hemodialysis | Types of Dialysis | Dialysis of Kidney
Chronic-kidney-disease (CKD)


It is worth noting that the affected person may suffer from some health issues during the dialysis process, such as low blood pressure or muscle spasms, during the filtering process, the parameter measures blood pressure. It controls both the speed of removal of wastes, salts, and excess fluid from the body, as well as the pace of blood, circulate through the filter.

Benefits of hemodialysis

Underlying this type of Dialysis

If the cause is acute kidney failure, the treatment is temporary. The kidneys usually restore the ability to perform their functions after a short period, and if Dialysis is used as a solution to the issues of chronic kidney failure; The treatment is for life as long as the option of kidney transplantation has not been reported to.

It is worth noting that hemodialysis may usually take place three times a week in the centres specialized in Dialysis. It can be applied locally, and finally, it’s worth noting that the specialist performs a set of tests periodically to check on The health of the injured and knowing whether he is receiving the appropriate treatment and the right number.

Patient Tips

There are many suggestions and recommendation that should be followed between treatment sessions to obtain the best results, such as paying attention to the food plan in coordination with the specialist; It is necessary to monitor the quantities consumed with fluids, and some foods that include proteins, sodium, potassium, or phosphorus, taking into account the nature of other health issues that the sufferer suffers from, his desire to eat certain types of foods, and how well the kidneys work, as well as The person, should take prescribed medications regularly, and seek help from the medical care team if needed.

Peritoneal Dialysis

Peritoneal Dialysis, or peritoneal Dialysis as one of the procedures used in cases of kidney failure. ; The blood of the infected person is purified, and waste is eliminated, such as creatinine, and urea by the peritoneal cavity inside the victim’s body, specifically in the membrane that lines the abdomen known as the peritoneum (the peritoneum).

Dialysis | Hemodialysis | Types of Dialysis | Dialysis of Kidney


Peritoneum, which acts as a blood filter and blood filter; The dialysis fluid is pumped into this diaphragm and comes out of it after the peritoneal dialysis process is completed.

Preparation before the peritoneal dialysis preparation

The peritoneal dialysis procedure is performed by performing surgery beneath local or general anaesthesia to fix the catheter (English: Catheter) Near the navel area, where dialysis fluid is pumped to the abdomen through this catheter and out of it, it’s worth noting that after installing the catheter it’s advised to wait for up to approximately a month before starting Dialysis, to give the catheter installation site sufficient time to recover.

Peritoneal Dialysis

When performing Peritoneal Dialysis, the dialysis fluid is injected through the catheter that was installed on the peritoneal cavity, and this fluid remains in the abdomen for a certain period; During this, the peritoneum permits the passage of excess fluid and waste from the blood to the dialysis fluid, and when that period ends, the dialysis fluid is disposed of in a sterile dedicated container. This process is followed by repeated steps again, and it should be noted that this process can be done manually from 4 To 5 times a day.

Taking each time takes a period between thirty to forty minutes. In fact, peritoneal Dialysis can be performed automatically when the affected person is asleep using a particular device, where the catheter is connected to this device, so it may take Dialysis, in this case, takes less time, and it’s worth noting that there are two types of peritoneal Dialysis; Where one is chosen depending on the situation of the person affected, these types are Continuous ambulatory peritoneal Dialysis and Continuous cycler peritoneal dialysis.

The advantages of Peritoneal Dialysis

Dialysis can be used Peritoneal Dialysis at home, in the workplace or even when travelling, and here it’s worth noting that although hemodialysis is considered a good option for reducing possible complications from kidney failure; However, peritoneal Dialysis has a set of benefits, amongst that are the next:


As peritoneal Dialysis can be used in most of the citizens as mentioned above, and this makes the life of the person concerned more flexible and of higher quality. Still, it’s worth noting that peritoneal Dialysis cannot be used in all cases of Dialysis, as it’s chosen between them and hemodialysis depending on the functions of the kidney.

The general health of the injured person, the wishes of the person concerned, and the nature of his life. The food of the injured person is not severely restricted, as is the case when using hemodialysis, because peritoneal.

Dialysis is carried out with more specialization and in a way that prevents the accumulation of large quantities of minerals in the body, and this does not mean that the person who is undergoing peritoneal Dialysis does not need to perform regulation of his diet; It needs it, but to a lesser degree if compared to hemodialysis.

Maintaining the remainder of the college’s ability to perform its functions for a more extended period. Patient Tips It is worth following some suggestions and recommendations when performing peritoneal Dialysis to obtain the best results and enhance the general health of the injured person through the following:

Dialysis | Hemodialysis | Types of Dialysis | Dialysis of Kidney


 A good food plan in which the proportion of both sodium and phosphorus is reduced.

Adherence to the use of medications prescribed by the physician, a person may need to use several drugs to control blood pressure, stimulate the production of red blood cells, control ranges of some substances in the blood, and prevent the accumulation of phosphorous in the blood.

Keep the catheter site clean and dry, and inspect it daily note any signs that may indicate infection, in addition to washing hands before touching the catheter. Ensuring the safety of the catheter site; By not using any sharp objects near them, and covering them to avoid clashing with clothes, and not to use unapproved clamps in the place of the catheter.

Possible side effects of Dialysis:

People undergoing Dialysis may experience a range of side effects, including the following: Muscle spasm. Itching; Which could worsen earlier than or after washing. Reduction of Blood pressure; Especially in diabetes.

Sleep disturbances caused by itching, restless legs, and sleep apnea. Fluid accumulation; This can be avoided by drinking specific quantities of fluids. Infection or swelling at the washing site. Depression and mood swings. Video What a kidney affected person eats There is a group of foods that are allowed to be eaten by a kidney affected person.

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