Hormonal Contraceptives | Hormonal Contraceptive Methods

August 11, 2020

What are Hormonal Contraceptives?

Hormonal Contraceptives | Hormonal Contraceptive Methods
Contraceptive Condom
Here we discuss about hormonal contraceptives methods. Please read the whole article.

Dealing with responsible sexuality allows a comfortable and safe relationship. Without the concern and anxiousness of unwanted pregnancy. More usually important. Currently, one of the available hormonal contraceptives methods is the oral contraceptive or what we call a common pill.

What are the most generally used hormonal contraceptives?

On the market a variety of various composition tablets that cover the needs of the person for every lady.

 How to do contraception in girls?
What causes hormones in girls?
Are They Effective In Preventing Unwanted Pregnancy?
Benefits and unwanted side effects of hormone therapy

The most used and prescribed hormonal contraceptives are often a monophasic combination with the same hormonal dose consisting of:

The combined one-phase contraceptives include two several types of hormones: estrogens and progestogens, which is why they are known as “combined”.

How to do hormonal contraception in girls?


Pastillas Anticonceptivas information.

The mechanism of action is complex. The hormones are messengers that communicate to the body and are responsible for their proper function and development.

Hormones, intended reproductive system, also affect the secondary sexual characteristics of women and men discriminate.

For girls, ovaries stimulate hormones and these are, in response, the production of estrogens and progestogens that prepare the body for being pregnant for a certain time or cycle.

What causes hormones in girls?

The 14th occurs the first day of the first half-cycle and when the egg matures and is expelled into the uterine tubes (Some girls have a tight feeling in the abdomen at this stage).

The second stage of the mature egg shouldn’t go to the uterus and lasts till the fertilized egg is expelled (what we know as menstruation or which is the rule).

While in phase 1 the ovaries estrogen, within the 2nd half of the cycle the egg matures and is covered.

The envelope is transformed into a small yellowish gland known as the corpus luteum and produces progestogen.

Now we, therefore, quite both essential hormones and contribute to the preparation of the feminine reproductive system for a possible pregnancy.

Hormonal Contraceptives | Hormonal Contraceptive Methods
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Are They Effective In Preventing Unwanted Pregnancy?


Safety of birth control pills

Therefore, between completely different contraceptives to protect the girl from getting pregnant, Oral contraceptives work by preventing egg maturation.

This means that ovulation will occur.

Turn, additionally modify the plug of the uterus will happen denser thick, so the sperm cannot so easily enlarge the uterus.

The common administration supplies contraceptive effectiveness close to 100%, giving Libertad one full responsible sex life. Progestogen used.

These are known in the pharmaceutical field as their “regulating hormone” and are responsible for the additional effects mentioned above.For example, removing fats and impurities from the pores and skin and hair or acting against zits.

Now, there are as many hormone differences intended to fit as much as possible the need that the woman can tolerate without a problem and firmly manage.

Anyway, in some women, unwanted side effects might happen, particularly the first few cases of abuse, although the body adapts to them.

Among the wide range available on the market, different tablets are weighing its contraceptive action. There are different indications about its formulation and the kind of receptive although they should lead to a medical visit.

Hormonal Contraceptives | Hormonal Contraceptive Methods


Benefits and side effects of hormone therapy

In summary, hormone-contraceptives are one of the methods used to control fertility. Since they’re considered the most effective methodology of undesirable pregnancy rates and statistics.

Addition, methodology, It is simple to use, Tolerance is high and does not affect sex.

How contraceptive advantages, as combined contraceptives, include the low incidence of adverse effects and some improvement in some pathologies.

It can group the issues in the following list:

  • They try and control zits
  • Tartan of perimenopause (trans menopause period)
  • Decreased dysmenorrhea
  • Reduce menorrhagia
  • Reduce ectopic pregnancy
  • Increased bone mineral density

The Adverse Effects, Although irregular, are often mild depending on the degree of tolerance susceptbilidad and hormonal components.

But thanks to the introduction of new specialities that combine a smaller dose, this can be avoided and corrected.

An incredible subpoena, warning and communicating the potential adverse effects and Efectos secundarios that may happen when administering regular, timely and even in some circumstances, oral contraceptives.

Increased estrogen levels: production of menorrhagia, nausea, vomiting, fluid retention, breast tenderness with pain.

Increased progestin levels: amenorrhea (not bleeding), acne, seborrhea, obesity, decreased libido, irritability, depression and sometimes breast tenderness.


This usually occurs progressive and is linked to the quantity of estrogen.
Thromboembolism venous depth (TVP): The risk of developing it is very small (0.005%) however might enhance if you suffer from weight problems, venous insufficiency or main surgery.

Is linked to the estrogen dose and it’s strange that, seen as new-generation birth control, the chance can increase. For example, if consumed as levonorgestrel contraceptive progestins or norethisterone incidence will increase to 0.015%. And if I make a composition or gestodene as progestagen desogestrel, then the frequency will increase by 0.03%.

Recall that the values ​​are not quite alarming compared to the incidence in 0.06% pregnant girls.

Breast cancer:

There is no research where there are a cause and impact of established relationships that long term women are taking oral contraceptives.

Cervical Cancer:

In recent years, it has been noticed that the use of steady oral contraceptives can increase the risk for disease; It is desirable, to perform a previous gynaecological examine if the woman raises the continuous administration.

Hormonal Contraceptives | Hormonal Contraceptive Methods
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Myocardial infarction:

Oral contraceptives related to different factors such as hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, smoking and age over 35, can enhance the chance of heart attack. Acute stroke, particularly in women who spend lengthy durations of active the tablet without a break. The risk is much lower for a certain age if you have stopped taking contraception for years.

Drug Interactions:

Is the commonest because there are many medicines that can interact with oral contraceptives to even reduce its impact and cause undesirable pregnancies.

Some of them are antibiotics (penicillin and derivatives, tetracyclines), rifampin, ritonavir, troglitazone, anticonvulsants and oral antifungal.

One of the simplest signs to see if contraception is no longer effective is to see if bleeding is advanced, or, in the middle term.

This article was about hormonal contraceptives methods.I am sure you know about hormonal contraceptives methods. Thanks for reading.

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