Olive Oil Best For Health | Benefits of Olive Oil | Olive Oil Uses

August 2, 2020

Olive Oil

Olive Oil Best For Health | Benefits of Olive Oil | Olive Oil Uses


Olive oil is stable in the Mediterranean diet the people in North Africa or so in love with this oil that they use it for almost everything we’ve got pretty curious and we did a small research about this subject.

I found out that people there have remarkably higher life expectancies and lower risk of heart disease high blood pressure and stroke compared to the whole world some of those countries are Italy Algeria we’re going to talk about the magical oil which is all of oiled we will also talk about it.

It’s amazing health benefits and why drinking a small glass of it before bed will probably change your life. First of all, what is olive oil is a liquid obtained from the Ali and European which is a traditional all of the tree found in the Mediterranean region it’s produced by pressing whole always.

Use in Cooking

It is used in cooking for frying or as a cell addressing it is also used in many other fields such as medication cosmetics beauty products. All of the oil originally came from the Mediterranean region but today it is used worldwide.

Some people used the oil is a dip, for bread, for frying, for like a solid passing. Some people even consume it by this small glass fall for medicinal purposes. But what is exactly its benefits and why is it so amazing well we’re about to tell you so read the article until the end and you’ll find out why we strongly believe that consuming. It regularly can change your life.

Best For Heart

The first of all heart disease is the most common cause of death in the world. So everyone’s biggest fear is having a heart and cardiovascular problems when they get older. Olive oil those super protective against heart disease as we said observational studies conducted a few decades ago showed that heart disease is less common in the Mediterranean can reduce this made researchers curiously and after a lot of research has led to the region they found out that the Mediterranean diets significantly reduce the danger of heart disease

So why because they use olive oil for almost every and they even drink it. Sometimes extra virgin olive oil protects the heart by lowering information preventing which is the bad cholesterol from improving the lining of your blood vessels and they help prevent excessive blood Clottey.

Best For Brain

In the Mediterranean region found that all of the oil benefits brain function. It is also reserved for brain cells health and memory and brain function. Keep in mind that Alzheimer’s is the most common brain disease worldwide. It can help prevent. Olive oil one of the most magical oils.

Olive Oil Best For Health | Benefits of Olive Oil | Olive Oil Uses


Good For Diabetes

We all know about diabetes well all know at least one person that suffers from diabetes. The most common type of diabetes is the type of diabetes it’s chronic. Affects your body medicalized is sugar and guess what olive oil is very protective against diabetes.

People studies found that olive oil has beneficial effects on sugar and insulin sensitivity extraversion. Olive oil reduces blood sugar and cholesterol more than other kinds of that’s lowering blood glucose in cholesterol may be useful to reduce the negative effects of glucose and cholesterol on the cardiovascular.

Just a study in four hundred eighteen people confirmed that this study and to diet rich and olive oil reduce the risk of diabetes by forty per cent. Now forty per cent is a huge percentage that might mean it can save your life.

For Depression

A a lot of people nowadays suffer from depression and the numbers are only in spacing one of the key causes of that is the consumption of trance fats in the modern diet. our diet is so messed up almost every food we consume as rich in trans fats but all of that can change if we start using olive oil to cook.

Olive Oil Best For Health | Benefits of Olive Oil | Olive Oil Uses


Olive oil is rich and monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats studies found that people who consumed trends facts are at a higher risk of depression compared to people who use olive oil

According to a study carried in Spain olive oil appears to protect slightly against jack of depression.

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