Schizophrenia Definition | Schizophrenia Symptoms and Treatment

August 25, 2020

What are the symptoms of schizophrenia?

Schizophrenia Definition | Schizophrenia Symptoms and Treatment

Schizophrenia Definition

How can or not it’s handled and mitigated?

There is little question that schizophrenia is among the most dangerous psychological diseases in people. Schizophrenia is considered a psychological sickness for which medical doctors haven’t discovered a direct cause, but the symptoms of schizophrenia are many and diverse,

and this can be because the types of schizophrenia are also many, as it is about 5 types that appear on the behaviour of the affected person and make him isolated from the outside world.

And similar to another mental sickness, the symptoms of schizophrenia make the affected person live restless and anxious and exhibit unusual behaviours,

however, the symptoms of schizophrenia prolong to the affected person showing some behaviours that appear terrifying to many individuals, and we should make clear that there’s a type of schizophrenia in which his symptoms appear.

It is not clear, and it’s called undifferentiated schizophrenia, and that is due to the doctors not accurately explaining whether the affected person has the disease or not?

While psychiatry consultants believe that the exact reason for schizophrenia, as mentioned by recent studies and analysis, by the mechanism of focused analysis, genetic predisposition is the main reason for schizophrenia,

particularly if the kinship is of the first degree, the environment also contributes greatly to this type of Psychiatric disorders, so it’s not preferable to marry the same family in which there are individuals identified with schizophrenia, and genes control this matter.

However, this does not mean that the symptoms of schizophrenia are indistinguishable, but rather that there is a group of symptoms that can be noticed accurately and clearly.

In this article, we are going to attempt to enumerate some of the symptoms of schizophrenia in all of its 5 types.

Schizophrenia symptoms:

The symptoms of schizophrenia are at all times described as complex and sophisticated, as they consist of a group of factors that are a change in the personality of the affected person, by the occurrence of changes in his abilities, showing some strange behaviour that doesn’t fit the reality.

And the life he was leading before, so the emergence of Symptoms of schizophrenia for an individual for the first time are acute and sudden.

So allow us to present some of these symptoms, which present in various degrees the nature of the disease and the type that dominates schizophrenia from the 5 types.

Schizophrenia symptoms are divided into three types:

Positive schizophrenia symptoms.
Symptoms of confusion and confusion.
Negative symptoms of schizophrenia.
We will clarify every one of the three types, and a number of the symptoms related to them.

First: positive symptoms of schizophrenia:

Here, they are not intended to be good symptoms, or useful to the affected person, but what is intended to be apparent and clear to the physician, and thus he can diagnose the disease, and at the same time it doesn’t appear on ordinary people, and it’s sometimes called psychological symptoms, or symptoms of psychosis.

and it is:


Where the affected person fancies a group of things and events that have no basis from reality and fancy a group of things that disturb the mood of his normal life.

Schizophrenia Definition | Schizophrenia Symptoms and Treatment



It is directly associated and produced by illusions, and repeating issues that are not understood.

Second: Symptoms of confusion and confusion:

It is a group of symptoms that seem on an individual who suffers from schizophrenia, and reflects and explains the extent of this particular person’s inability to control his mind, think clearly and comprehensively, and the ability to make sound decisions in his life.

These symptoms are:

Topics change during the conversation rapidly, moving from one idea to another, without being able to talk what he wants to say during the conversation.

During the conversation, he issues some illogical sentences, that are made up of his imagination, and are utterly removed from the context of the conversation, or in the appropriate sense of meaningless, which makes others lose the ability to communicate with him, and his inability to communicate his thoughts and feelings to others.

As a result of the confusion that fills the mind of a schizophrenic affected person, he’s unable to make decisions that represent his life, and this is one of the most common symptoms of schizophrenia.
The affected person writes down some useless things, as they’re dispersed, and unconnected within the topics.

A schizophrenic affected person makes some meaningless actions or gestures, reminiscent of ascending and descending some stairs without realizing it, or repeating some words that he acquired from some individuals who have been in contact with him recently until it becomes his “imperative”.

One of the symptoms of schizophrenia is that a person tends to forget certain things, and his ability to remember is weak, and we could discover that he loses some valuable things at times.

Schizophrenia Definition | Schizophrenia Symptoms and Treatment


Third: negative symptoms of schizophrenia:

Negative signs aren’t intended as dangerous signs, however rather that they are difficult to notice with the naked eye.

Examples of these negative symptoms are:

1. Lack of energy:

Where he suffers from inactivity in activity and movement, and the inability to accomplish his work by himself.

2. Lack of motivation

He always suffers from a lack of motivation, and an unwillingness to do renewed work, which leads to more activity and vitality.

3. Loss of interest in life:

This is because of his lack of renewal of his life, his lack of feeling of the pleasures of life, the hallucinations that come to him, and the delusions that bring him within a certain range.

4. Get used to some bad health habits:

We find a schizophrenic affected person, as a result of his separation from reality and immersion in his private world, is neglecting his bodily health, and he doesn’t take care of himself in terms of general appearance and personal hygiene, and he’s expected to suffer from some diseases, ulcers, and other diseases.

5. Problems with job efficiency:

One of the symptoms of schizophrenia is that an individual suffers from a group of functional disorders that hinder him from carrying out his work, whether he’s a student, or he was working in one of the regular jobs, which exposes him to losing his career and not being accepted in some other jobs.

6. Moods:

An affected person with schizophrenia suffers from a fluctuating mood. Suddenly, we discover that he turns from excessive unhappiness to pleasure, and vice versa, and it’s difficult to understand his emotions or determine his motives and feelings.

7. Inertia:

It is among the 5 forms of cases of schizophrenia, and it’s also a symptom of it in some cases the particular person has assumed a certain position and has been in it for a long period, which may extend to hours.

8. Withdrawal:

One of the commonest signs of schizophrenia, as we discover that an individual refuses to take part in social affairs, withdraws from family life and friends, as well as withdraws from the responsibilities assigned to him, and the matter extends to his withdrawal from society in general.

The symptoms of schizophrenia seem in the presence of irregular feelings, and impaired thinking, the place speech is illogical and volatile in thoughts, and symptoms are the same in all sufferers.

But differ in their severity, and the first of these symptoms is called the “negative” symptoms, and it begins with isolation, which turns into a major part Of his life, lack of attention to personal hygiene, his hair, his general appearance, and this is different from a depressive disorder.

An individual with schizophrenia is exposed to impaired thinking, as a result of delusions and predispositions, and suspicion upon entering a place that it’s not secure.

Or that I will leave work, or that someone will harm me, and the schizophrenic particular person is subject to indicators of doubt, and his taking of the conspiracy a lifestyle in his way of thinking, and that Everyone is against him.

So is the sign, which is the feeling that those around me are treating me as an unloved particular person, and so they gesture to me in every situation I encounter, and that I’m an unwanted person.

Schizophrenia Definition | Schizophrenia Symptoms and Treatment


Treating schizophrenia disease and symptoms:

There is no doubt that such symptoms require a great effort to be reduced, and it’s known that schizophrenia is a disease that requires a long treatment period.
We will attempt to introduce several methods which are taken to reduce the symptoms of schizophrenia.

But we should make it clear that such strategies should be presented under the supervision of a psychiatrist, and we can cooperate with him.

Treating schizophrenia and relieving its symptoms consists of:

1. Pharmacotherapy:

It is a group of specialized medicines that the patient gets, and they’re of chemical formulations, and it’s prohibited to take them except under specialised medical supervision.

2. Psychotherapy:

And that is through a group of psychiatrists who’re preparing a group of psychological courses aimed at relieving symptoms and reducing them.

3. Individual psychological treatment:

It is meant to assist the affected person by one-on-one sessions that help him understand the nature of the disease, and to act with him in the best approach to ensure that he achieves compatibility with the disease so that it can be cured, and to direct him to the simplest solutions to get rid of his problems.

4. Family Psychotherapy:

This is by providing the family with a helping hand and assistance to the schizophrenic affected person, and by helping him on the most effective methods to help him scale back the frequency of the symptoms he complains of.

5. Qualification:

It is meant to give attention to a set of social skills that help an affected person with schizophrenia to integrate into society, be able to practice his life and integrate into the society in which he lives.

Methods performed inside the hospital:

There is a group of procedures that are followed up inside the hospital that needs surgical intervention, examples of these procedures are:

1. Electroconvulsive therapy:

A group of electric shocks, sometimes called “electrical shocks,” is administered to relieve symptoms of schizophrenia.

2. Surgical treatment in the brain:

As such operations require intervention within the brain tissue, and be affected person and slow before making this decision, and when such symptoms happen in an individual dear to you, or you experience such symptoms that make your life difficult, you need to seek the help of a specialised psychiatrist or centre to diagnose the situation and treat,

Because persisting in silence about schizophrenia, it may exacerbate matters into critical psychological sicknesses .. Do not hesitate to speak.

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