Syphilis | Syphilis Symptoms in Men and Women | Syphilis Treatment

August 17, 2020

Syphilis | Syphilis Symptoms in Men and Women | Syphilis Treatment

Sexual syphilis comes back once more

And these are methods to treat it.

Many consider that syphilis (or syphilis), which is transmitted sexually, has passed and gone forever. However the statistics of the disease point out the opposite. And that the number of infections has almost doubled in Germany in the last ten years.

In the 1980s, awareness campaigns succeeded in stopping syphilis (or syphilis), which is transmitted sexually, particularly after the emergence of the acquired immunodeficiency disease (AIDS). But the disease started to spread again, as indicated by the numbers of cases of the disease in Germany. In 2007, 4,309 injuries have recorded, and in 2017, there have been 7,476 injuries.

Almost double the number in ten years.

Syphilis Symptoms in Men and Women

Not everybody with the disease has the same symptoms. Usually, blisters seem when infected, and generally, they’re as small as a blister. And sometimes as much as a centimetre in size. And ulcers are seen in males above the penis, and women in the vaginal area. It may seem in the anal area. “These sores can also be found in some cases on the lips of the face or the tongue. They can also appear on the fingers in the early stages of infection,” stated Dr Norbert Brukmeier from the Center for Sexual Health in Bochum, Germany.

Personal diagnosis of the disease

Often people with the preliminary symptoms of the disease think that these symptoms are only minor sores and can disappear after about three weeks, as is commonly the case with other ulcers. But after an indefinite period, “a rash occurs due to the spread of the disease throughout the body through the blood,” said Dr Brockmeier speaking to DW, adding: “This means that the patient develops skin changes all over his body, some of which are prominent ulcers on the skin, including Of flake off, and the other red. ”

Syphilis | Syphilis Symptoms in Men and Women | Syphilis Treatment
Syphilis face and body



The rash usually seems on the soles of the foot of the palms. Doctors stated that the rash “is not itchy and cannot be well distinguished from the allergic rash.” He indicated that the appearance of a rash on the body constitutes the second stage of the disease.

Germany: The resurgence of syphilis

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German medical doctors warn of the risks of sexually transmitted diseases
In the third stage of syphilis, not only the internal organs, respiratory vessels, stomach and liver are affected, however, the muscles and bones are also affected by the disease.

And the disease turns into very dangerous when the so-called syphilis node forms on the aorta (aorta), which is the largest artery in the body and supplies all parts of the body with blood. If this causes an aneurysm in the aorta in the later stages of the disease, then the disease becomes fatal.

Syphilis | Syphilis Symptoms in Men and Women | Syphilis Treatment
Syphilis on nose


Methods of syphilis treatment

As for the methods of treating it, it’s usually influenced by society’s view of the disease. As syphilis is, like most sexually transmitted diseases, a taboo, because announcing the infection could cause ethical or hateful signals to the affected person.

On the other hand, society has become more accepting of patients with HIV (AIDS) in comparison with patients with syphilis, according to Dr Prokmeier.

The doctor mentioned that when he asks patients with AIDS to attend a discussion on tv about the disease, most of them answer yes, but when he asks patients with syphilis to attend a discussion session, almost everyone answers with no.

Syphilis | Syphilis Symptoms in Men and Women | Syphilis Treatment
Syphilis patient


The disease was previously handled with sulfursan, a compound containing arsenic that appeared in 1910. And starting in 1943, penicillin became the best drugs for treatment. Brockmeier noted that the disease “causes resistance against other antibiotics.

” He added, “If the disease can build resistance against penicillin, we will face a problem that can only be solved with great effort. So now is the time to develop and test new antibiotics backup” against the disease.

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