High cholesterol Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

October 26, 2020

High cholesterol causes


High cholesterol and triglycerides trigger many diseases. High cholesterol causes many diseases and triglycerides also cause of many diseases.

HDL cholesterol and triglycerides are harmful diseases that affect the heart, and listed below are the most prominent signs, causes and how to treat.

High blood cholesterol causes many diseases, including heart diseases and diseases associated with blood pressure, and below we list the most important causes and symptoms of high cholesterol and triglycerides and methods of treatment.

Cholesterol is a fatty substance found in the cells of the body, and cholesterol is important for the production of hormones and vitamin (D) needed to digest food. And the normal cholesterol ratio in the body helps to protect against exposure to heart attacks and stroke, and this is because the damages of high cholesterol extend from the heart to the brain.

However, when the level of cholesterol in the blood is high, it causes many different symptoms that threaten an individual’s life. This is because they accumulate on the walls of blood vessels and arteries, causing their narrowing, and this may expose the individual to heart failure, angina and other serious diseases.

High cholesterol Causes

Causes of high cholesterol and triglycerides

Eat a poor diet and eat foods high in saturated fats.

Heredity has a role in the incidence of high blood cholesterol, and for this, we find that some young people are affected by it, and not limited to adults only.

Obesity is one of the essential factors that lead to high cholesterol and heart illness, as well as many other diseases, and for this, care must be taken to reduce excess weight.

Menopause in women may affect the level of cholesterol in the blood and lead to an increase in it.

Smoking is one of the factors for high cholesterol, as it damages the walls of blood vessels.

Having diabetes leads to high cholesterol, which leads to damage to the arteries and heart assaults and strokes.

Symptoms of high cholesterol


The symptoms are not clear, however, the complications appear to the person by the infection of diseases related to the coronary arteries and the incidence of atherosclerosis, which reduces the blood supply to the heart muscle and this exposes the person to angina.


Exposure to a stroke as a result of ischemia of the brain or a blockage in one of the arteries leading to the brain.

Infection with diseases of the peripheral vessels as a result of the lack of blood supply to them, particularly the arteries in the feet.


Hypertension due to cholesterol deposition, which puts the heart muscle at risk.

One of the signs of high cholesterol on the skin is the tubercles that appear on it and are yellow in colour, and this is a result of their fullness with cholesterol.

Treating high cholesterol


Resorting to a doctor who prescribes the suitable treatment for high cholesterol through special medications, which help reduce the proportion of lipoprotein in the body.

Resorting to exercise, and this is because it has a major role in reducing high cholesterol and fats, which leads to protecting arteries and blood vessels from the disease.


It is vital, if you are a smoker, to quit smoking instantly, and this is because it is one of the major causes of high cholesterol, which causes many health issues of the heart and blood vessels.


Take care to reduce salt and sugar to survive cholesterol and heart disease.

Ensure a healthy diet free of saturated fats.GOD Bless You

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