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Home Remedies For Constipation
October 23, 2020

10 home remedies to get rid of constipation

Fibre helps speed digestion.

Here we are discussing immediate home remedies for constipation relief. Constipation is a common disease among many people, and it’s tough to excrete waste resulting from the digestive process. It causes a lot of distress to its owner, and it can also be associated with some symptoms such as headache, yellowing of the face and bad breath.

Constipation is commonly related to the quality of the meals that an individual eats, so the focus of treatment is on changing the diet and eating meals that help soften the gut and facilitate the exit of excreta.

1- Peaches for Constipation relief


It is another home remedy for constipation. Peaches are one of the best meals that help eliminate constipation, as they’re rich in insoluble fibre and natural laxatives such as sorbitol, and it is recommended to eat at least one peach a day for those suffering from constipation.

2- Dandelion

Although many do not like the taste of dandelion, it is one of the best laxative herbs for a bowel movement, and a little dandelion herb can be added to tea to get rid of constipation, along with it helps get rid of toxins in the blood.

3- The right oil

The oil helps soften the stomach and intestines, and three types of oils are best for treating constipation: fish oil, castor oil, and olive oil.

4- Milk

Some studies have linked constipation in children with a lack of lactose, so this substance could be compensated for by consuming milk and dairy products.

5- Cooked beans

It is known that beans and pulses trigger gas and bloating when consumed. Still, their high fibre content helps to eliminate constipation, and approximately 6 grams of fibre useful for digestion can be obtained by eating half a cup of beans.


6- Coffee

Study indicates that consuming coffee helps soften the stomach and facilitate the passage of waste. Although there is no clear proof that coffee can be used to treat constipation, researchers believe that it helps stimulate the colon muscles and thus push waste out of the body.

7- Dark chocolate

What many chocolate lovers don’t know is that it helps treat constipation, as it’s rich in magnesium, which relaxes the muscle tissue of the digestive system, and thus facilitates the movement of waste.

8- Popcorn

Popcorn contains a high percentage of fibre that helps with digestion and reduces the possibility of constipation and intestinal problems. It’s advised not to add salt or butter to get the desired health benefit from popcorn.

9- Radish

It is the best remedy for constipation. Radish is one of the vegetables that many neglects despite its great advantages. Radish helps to excrete toxins from the liver, facilitates bowel movement, and is an effective treatment for difficult cases of constipation.

Home Remedies For Constipation
cooked Beans

10- Spinach and Orange

Spinach does more than relieve constipation; it cleanses the intestine and rejuvenates its walls. Drink about 100 ml of spinach juice with an equal amount of water twice daily, and you will feel a great improvement, as it is considered the most effective home remedy in treating constipation and bowel disorders.
Eating Orange is the best remedy for constipation  Because it is rich in fibre along with vitamin “C” it will give you a lot of relief if you eat two oranges a day, one in the morning and the other in the evening.


Eat regular light meals, and make sure to eat dinner about 3-4 hours before going to bed, avoid foods that contain white flour, white sugar, and processed foods, eat lots of vegetables and fruits, and drink 8 cups of water daily.

Fibre is very crucial in maintaining good digestive health. Perhaps this is why eating soaked anjeer has been one of the world most trusted home remedies to cure constipation. Keep Walking and taking a sufficient amount of fibre could be beneficial for your health. Be happy…