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5G Health Risks
December 18, 2020

Thirteen 5G Health Risks

5G (5th generation) is currently being actively launched in lots of cities all over the world. At the same time, there are many 5G health risks. Some of them include in this article. So keep reading 5G health risks.

Its use or ban its installation in lots of areas, such as Belgium as a whole, Boudin Switzerland and San Francisco in the US. There is a growing awareness that radiofrequency radiation (RF or RFR) and electromagnetic fields (EMF) are new types of environmental pollution. Here are 13 causes that could reveal 5G risks. If enough people don’t get up to stop it, it can turn into a disaster of unprevented health threats and personal privacy invasion.

1. 5G Health Risks: Using Your Pore As An Antenna

5G networks use and broadcast frequencies that affect pores that act as antennas in our body. In other words, the skin, our largest organ, can be manipulated by 5G. As already reported in the 5G and Internet of Things (IoT) article, scientist Dr Ben Yishai revealed in a video the link between 5G and the sweat hole in our body.

5G frequency will stimulate us with wavelengths that interact with the geometry of our skin. we found that the pores behave like a spiral antenna… the pores are between 75-100 GHz, It is an integral a part of the mechanism for the absorption of electromagnetic energy, and if the pore’s properties change, that’s, make it work, you may really change the absorption at some point, and if you can, you can track the individual under stress.”

2. 5G Health Risks: Expanding 5G EMF damage through VGCC

Radio radiation and EMF scientist Dr Martin Paul conducted ground-breaking research that explains precisely how EMF causes premature ageing and damage in the body, including damage to fertility, brain, heart and DNA. He pioneered analysis showing how EMF activates the body’s VGCC (voltage-regulated calcium channel), which releases excess calcium ions into cells. This causes nitrogen oxide (NO) and superoxide to react almost instantly to form hydrogen peroxide and active oxygen. Many research like this present that “peroxynitrite” damages DNA. Dr Paul said clearly, “The launch of 5G is completely crazy.”

3. Pulsed waves cause much more damage than continuous-wave radiation.

An important and unique feature of smart meters is that they emit pulsed-wave radiation rather than continuous-wave radiation. That is, it’s executed in a “start-stop” repeating cycle that explodes the EMF and then becomes temporarily inactive. This happens incredibly many times a day. Court documents containing testimony from public agencies such as Pacific Gas and Electric Firm in California show that smart meters send between 9,600 and 190,000 pulse waves per day!

4. 5G promotes deep penetration of EMF into the human body.

The primary reason cell phones are more dangerous to children than adults (apart from the fact that radiation absorption accumulates throughout their lifetime) is due to the deep penetration of EMF into the skin.

5. 5G is a weapon system disguised as a consumer convenience

Mark Steele has been very straightforward about 5G and now has conducted extensive interviews with Project Camelot, including Sasha Stone in his documentary 5G Apocalypse: The Extinction Event. Still, though extensive reports state that 5G operates in the 24-100 GHz range, he claims that in reality, it is a decrease gigahertz (i.e. still measured in MHz), meaning a threshold below GHz.

He says 5G is a weapon system such as long-range radar, phased array radar, and command energy. (DEW was used on 9/11 and caused various fires, such as the Paradise fire.) When analyzing 5G {hardware}, he claims that it has a dielectric lens known as a weapon system. Autonomous vehicles can use 5G to shine into the mirrors of other drivers (it’s so powerful that the damage is similar to an assault). Mark talks about how 5G is highly effective enough to kill babies in women’s wombs.

6. 5G Apocalypso

5G is a weapon system. It is nothing more or less. It has nothing to do with communicating for humans. 5G is only a machine connected to a machine for an autonomous vehicle.”

7. The same frequency as used in the military dissolution weapon

5G is known to use millimetre-wave (MMW) frequencies, which are said to be too excessive (24-100 GHz range). Since 1 GHz = 1 billion Hz, we’re talking about frequencies with very short wavelengths (the distance between the peaks between the peak of 1 wavelength and the next).

The distance is too short to be measured in millimetres. So it’s known as millimetre wave’. This is the same frequency the military uses for non-lethal weapons such as Active Denial Systems for dissolution of the crowd. This weapon has the ability to inflict great injuries to humans. Dr Paul Ben Ishai said, “If you, unfortunately, have the experience of standing in front of him, you will really feel like your body is burning.”

8. Mutagenicity (causing DNA damage) and carcinogenicity (causing cancer)?

5G’s millimetre-wave (MMW) frequencies trigger mitochondrial DNA damage, which is passed on to the next generation! 5G is mutagenic. This mutation is passed down to the next generation. This has a critical impact on genetic purity. 

Mutation usually causes cancer. In other words, anything that is powerful and dangerous enough to cause DNA damage is more likely to result in cancer. Mark Steele says that 5G is a Class 1 carcinogen, but the World Health Organization (WHO) has classified cellular phone towers as Class 2b carcinogens very conservatively. However, it should be noted that the WHO is an affiliate of the United Nations established by Rockefeller. The well-known NWO Illuminati, the Rockefeller family, created the United Nations to use it as a means to create a world government.

Since 5G is being launched in a hurry without proper safety testing, there is not much data on how 5G particularly causes cancer, but it shows how 2G, 3G, and 4G EMF are related to various types of cancer, including brain cancer. There is plenty of evidence. 

9. Stepped array density

5G requires far more transmitters or repeaters than earlier generations. It plans to construct a large-scale infrastructure with transmitters, cell towers, and relay bases going to be deployed virtually all over the place, together with within the centre of residential areas. The impression of this sort of densification may be catastrophic.

5G is powerful enough to map 3D inside your home and other buildings. Mark Steele specifically emphasized the 868 MHz frequency, which was previously used to interrogate prisoners on the battlefield, and said it could easily penetrate brick and concrete. He argues that this frequency specifies a particular individual and can be set as a target. Considering all the electronic harassment and gang stalking that occurs against TI, it’s of considerable concern.

The 5G infrastructure will consist of a small phased array antenna emitting bullet-like radiation towards a target. The electromagnetic rays they produce will be strong enough to pass through walls and human bodies. We will be covered in net-like radiation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and worse, our coverage area will be wider than today’s 4G, eventually covering every square inch of the planet.

10. Does it kill all insects?

Insects, birds and children are probably the most vulnerable to 5G because of their small size. Claire Edwards was a former UN employee who raised the EMF/5G issue to UN Secretary-General Antonio Gutters. At a rally against 5G in Stockholm, she said:

“In the previous 20 years, we have lost 80% of insects. And if we run 5G, we will lose 100% of insects. When insects disappear, we humans disappear.”

Both insects and 5G need antennas. Insects use olfactory antennas above all else, whereas 5G uses them to create radio waves. Naturally, insects are sensitive to 5G EMF waves. According to this latest research, insects exposed to 5G radiation have an increased body temperature.

11.  5G antennas warm Insects «EMR Health Alliance of BC

«Controversial cell tower proposal in Coombs clears one other hurdle Thousands Of Satellites Set To Launch For 5G» 5G antennas warms Insects Studies have shown that the frequencies utilized by 5G increase the body temperature of insects. This phenomenon was not observed with 4G or Wifi. Eric Felley, Le.
“Research has shown that the frequencies used by 5G increase insect body temperature. This phenomenon has not been observed with 4G and Wi-Fi.”
Meanwhile, the study of insects on high-frequency electromagnetic fields of 2 to 120 GHz was concluded as follows.
Exposure of Insects to Radio-Frequency Electromagnetic Fields from 2 to 120 GHz

The future wavelengths of the electromagnetic fields used in 5g communication systems will be lower to match the size of the bugs, and thus the absorption of RF-EMF is expected to increase in insects.

12. Space-based 5G

5G is planned to become an inevitable net-a plan to beam a beam from space is in progress! This is related to the House Fence agenda, as I discussed in my earlier article, “The House Fence: The Connection between Surveillance and Transhumanism”. The “5G Worldwide Petition” writes:

“In the house, 5G is proposing plans for at least 5 companies to cover the Earth with powerful, focused, directional beams from 20,000 allied satellites orbiting the Earth in low or medium orbit. Each satellite has a phased-array antenna. It will transmit millimetre waves with effective radiated power ranging from 1000’s to 5 million W.”

It is important here to know the bigger picture of that grand conspiracy. Destructive and dangerous technologies such as 5G, Wi-Fi, radio radiation, HAARP, ionosphere heating, geoengineering, and GMO will all be integrated into one massive system of surveillance, command and control. One small example is that “geotechnical” involves spraying a cam trail loaded with metal particles that 5G can use

13. Re-radiation inside the body

In 2002, RF researcher Arthur Furstenberg published an analysis of 5G long before the expertise was approved. He defined methods to create a new 5G antenna that’s really very small and internally replicated inside the body because 5G electromagnetic pulses are transmitted very short and explosively. Fastenberg wrote:
Insurance companies reject large telecom insurance. What on earth do they know?
The insurance firm (most famous Lloyd of London) has change into a hot topic in the media by refusing to purchase insurance from a group of telecom companies for Wi-Fi and 5G-related diseases and complaints.


5G networks are a part of a large-scale command, control, surveillance and artificial intelligence agenda.

5G differs from 4G in quantity and high quality. It is more than just taking 4G to the next level. Not solely does 5G emit dozens to hundreds of times more radiation than 4G, but the introduction of millimetre wave (MMW) technology represents a whole new risk. History repeats itself. Just as actual science took some time to catch up with the dangers of cigarettes. 

Ultimately, 5G is a part of the NWO agenda to set up a massive and inevitable network of command and control that removes the privacy of all people and permits operators to keep an eye on everyone on the planet at all times. If there is a time when activists need to act in the name of freedom, truth, health, privacy and sovereignty, now is the time.

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