Infertile Couples, Female Infertility | Do not Make the Similar Mistake I Did!

Infertile Couples, Female Infertility
March 17, 2021

Infertile Couples

Now we are discussing the topic of Infertile Couples. The mistake made by infertile couples is to wait too long in pregnancy. Yes, infertility is a couple’s business and not just a woman’s business. About 40% of infertility is blamed on women. Another 40% are accused of male infertility. 5%  were stolen from the couple, and unknown factors allegedly caused the remaining 5%.

Now, pregnancy is a natural process, and whenever a couple is called ‘infertile,’ there is a problem. This is because Western medicine and its gynecologists have little to no solution for those who are infertile. Western obstetricians are limited to dangerous drugs, aggressive practices, and aggressive surgery. All of these methods are useless in childbirth. The Orthodox Church has its limitations and limitations that do not address the root cause of infertility in the first place.

For example, birth control drugs such as clomiphene citrate (Clomid) are associated with ovarian cysts and cancer. Yes, Clomid can also cause multiple pregnancies and disabled babies if they do not work at all. While trying to treat the ovulation problem (no ovulation), clomiphene causes premature maturation, and the ovary is complete. An infertile woman needs a healthy ovary to produce eggs, get a healthy pregnancy, and a healthy baby.

Another reason for infertility and perhaps more important is hormonal imbalance. Fertility hormones are FSH, LH, Estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. Hormonal imbalances are a common cause of all other reproductive causes such as fibroids, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, endometrial hyperplasia, irregular periods, difficult times, or impotence. This is because there is a standard of natural medicine that says, “for any symptoms (lack of this) or severe symptoms, there is always inequality behind you.”

Of all the hormones mentioned above, progesterone-related dominance appears to be a significant cause of infertility. This is due to all the estrogen sources in the environment and is getting worse by the day. These include zenoestrogens, plant estrogens and mycoestrogens. On the other hand, too many infertile women have lower progesterone.

Remember that progesterone is a pregnancy hormone. Its name is derived from the definition of pregnancy, which means ‘pregnancy.’ So you should increase your progesterone level and compare it to the average level of good estriol like estrogen in pregnancy. Hormonal imbalances are a significant cause of infertility for orthodox abusers who have failed to cope. Natural pregnancy methods can correct this situation and open the way for a childless woman to become pregnant.

Here are the steps you need to take to fight discrimination against women, stop estrogen control as you balance your hormones, get pregnant, and have healthy children:

A woman who cannot conceive should learn to listen to her body and avoid all kinds of junk food, digested and made with chemicals. Eat non-estrogenic foods where possible. Any food that can increase fertility can cure infertility. “Anything that can prevent disease can be cured,” says Dr. Benard Jensen.

Therefore, avoid foods such as soy, commercial fats, flax, carrots, dioxins, organophosphates, nuts, and bread contaminated with myco-estrogens.

Pains such as gentian, berry (vitex), Chinese bitters, goldenseal, and wormwood (and kills parasites) are significant. This is because they also clean the genitals. Then introduce superfoods such as acai, avocado, mango, tomato, and green vegetable juice.

These foods also correct abnormalities in the reproductive organs that cause the body to become infertile. It is difficult not to have children if you eat five ordinary fruits and vegetables every day. The exception to this rule is menopause, as well as abnormalities in genital mutilation. Because food is scarce or there are no chemicals, all infertile couples need to supplement to increase fertility.

Now comes the support of mature food. To balance your pregnancy hormones and to make your period last longer, you need a combination of an enzyme that contains nattokinase and serrapeptase. These enzymes work well with myosin, which blocks estrogen receptors in the uterus, uterus, thyroid gland, and fats. Myomin also inhibits the taste of testosterone back to the harmful estrogen (estradiol). Myomin also helps with detoxifying the liver and cleansing the blood while controlling the immune system.

When a couple is called infertile, part of the brain begins to function. None of us can eliminate stress; we will only handle it. Physical contact plays a role in reproductive management. I prefer to call it infertility treatment. Emotions and hormones go hand in hand. And stress is significant for body weight and pregnancy.

High doses of vitamin C, astragalus, magnesium, zinc, and vitamin B-complex (especially B6) are needed to control stress because they balance enzymes (hormone-producing enzymes) and adaptogens.

It is not helpful for the body to cope with stress. To let go and allow God forgiveness and a positive outlook on life is necessary to fight procreation. This is because the human spirit, soul, and body constantly lookout for these infertile couples and combating complete infertility.

Tests for these infertile couples should include male reproductive factors. We must not forget that male infertility is based on sperm function. Sperm analysis is among male dysfunction.

All of the above fertility foods given to an infertile woman are also good for increasing male fertility. Ingredients balance male hormones, increased sperm count, performance, mobility, longevity, and stamina. Healthy sperm also fight off the immune system (which is a hidden cause of infertility) in a woman.

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