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Pregnancy guide
March 13, 2021

Pregnancy Guide

Lots of pregnancy questions coming to mind when women getting pregnant. Apki Sehat is one of the amazing websites that provide pregnancy information & guides online which includes healthy pregnancy, stages of pregnancy, Pregnancy Calculator, Pregnancy Diet, unwanted pregnancy, Pregnancy Calendar as well as Signs of Pregnancy.

Pregnancy is the most important thing in the life of every woman. As women, we’ve known that since we were children. To be playing with dolls, to be moms, you can see that our lives get to the point that someday we will be able to give birth to our baby. It’s what women are born to do, but do not, we may experience depression, relationship problems, lack of sexual satisfaction, and more. The good news is that there is a lot of new research that can help with the conception of a healthy pregnancy, even if you have medical problems that make this seem impossible.

How to Get Pregnant

Most of the people want to know the information, how to get pregnant and If you’re are also looking to get pregnant and give birth to healthy baby, so I’m glad you found this website. Among the major myths about pregnancy, are the mention below:-

  • A kiss can get pregnant. False, pregnancy takes place only through sexual relationships, ie when the man penetrates the vagina and ejaculated on her.
  • In the first relationship, nothing happens. False, since the woman has her first menstruation, may become pregnant as well as acquiring a sexually transmitted disease if not used condoms.
  • If nothing else I have a couple, do not need condoms. False. Preferably it must be used to prevent unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, because the couple may have or have had other sexual partners, equal to one.
  • Birth control pills cause weight gain. False. In most cases, they can not get fat and prevent unwanted pregnancy and if it occurs in some women, it is best to consult a doctor.
  • Birth control pills cause cancer. False, in some cases, when taken over long periods, can be a trigger or risk preference thus are not suitable during adolescence.
  • If no orgasm in women, there is no pregnancy. False, orgasm is a phase of sexual response in man is accompanied by ejaculation and thus the release of sperm, but in women, this event has nothing to do with pregnancy.
  • The baby’s sex is determined by the woman. Lie, sperm are those that contain the chromosomes that determine sex.
  • Interrupt the act helps prevent pregnancy. False, the pre-cum also contains sperm, and removal of the penis is usually always on time to avoid ejaculation.
  • If relationships with older men are no problem. False, any man to produce normal sperm can impregnate any woman regardless of age.

Unwanted Pregnancy

It is believed to be having sex both to test the manhood of man, as fidelity and loyalty of women to “show love” which is totally wrong and can lead to an unwanted pregnancy or the spread of disease sexual transmission. The first and most important recommendation is not to try to abort. Induced abortion has potentially fatal consequences not only for the baby but also for the mother. In case of not wanting the child, it is best to think of adoption as an option to not take responsibility for him or her.

So to avoid unwanted pregnancy, precipitate, or surprise you must abstain from sex until you have the maturity to understand its meaning and responsibility. Use appropriate and timely information on pregnancy, the risks, and how to prevent them. If having sex, use condoms properly during intercourse, especially because the menstrual cycle during adolescence is often irregular.

To know all existing contraceptive methods, their advantages, and disadvantages during adolescence and consult the doctor to have sex if you want to give the ideal contraceptive method for each adolescent. Avoid alcohol and drugs, not to lose control when you are with your partner, and can make appropriate and responsible decisions about the exercise of sexuality. Hormones and drugs are not good advisers. Develop personal values such as respect for our body, life, the decisions of others, the exercise of sexuality. Prepend always professional life project an emotion that we do not know how you can handle. Act firmly in situations of challenge, risk, or threat and always say no when there is pressure for sex. This kind of pressure rarely ends in a long and stable.

I think you are happy with the above pregnancy information guide. Want to get more information related to Pregnancy to keep reading this section who provides various other tips and facts about Healthy Pregnancy.

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