Some Common Pregnancy Complications in Pregnant women

pregnant women
March 20, 2021

Pregnant women problems

There are common pregnant women problems that you should be aware of:

Improved Blood Pressure:

Usually, during pregnancy,  pregnant women have high blood pressure. At this stage, high blood pressure indicates that the pressure in the blood vessels, especially the blood vessels, is very high.

Any woman suffering from high blood pressure during pregnancy is associated with pre-eclampsia and can significantly affect organs such as the liver, kidneys and blood vessels. Under such circumstances, it is vital to control blood pressure during pregnancy.

Pregnancy diabetes In such cases, pregnant women develop high blood sugar that spreads only through childbirth. In this case, pregnant women with gestational diabetes are contacted to check their blood sugar content every year.

Itchy skin:

Itchy skin is, without doubt, one of the issues in early being pregnant.

A pregnant woman feels itchy, especially around the breasts and enlarges the abdomen. The leading cause of scratching skin is said to be caused by hormones. Usually, when pregnant women’s skin stretches the stomach young, resulting in dry and itchy skin. It is essential to take care of the skin during pregnancy.


During the first trimester of pregnancy, a woman often experiences the flu. A low fever is common during early pregnancy and can occur at any time. However, high temperatures during pregnancy are harmful because they can lead to the death of the baby.

Weight Gain:

Weight gain is one of the most common pregnancy-related problems. It occurs due to increased blood circulation in the body.


Other complications after pregnancy are inflammation. This can happen to different parts of the body, such as the hands, feet and face, etc. Inflammation is caused by an increase in fluid intake during the pregnancy phase. If a pregnant woman uses less water, it helps.

Back pain:

Back pain is one of the common causes of pregnancy-related problems. During pregnancy, due to the production of many hormones and one of these hormones is called Relaxin. This hormone is a crucial factor in relaxing the muscles and bones to ensure a healthy baby. Back pain causes numbness, stiffness and back pain.

Cough and Cold:

One of the most common problems during pregnancy is cough and cold. This is due to the low level of resistance of the immune system during pregnancy. If cough and chills are expected, a pregnant woman should make sure that the fetus remains protected. This is important as persistent coughing in pregnant women can lead to miscarriage.


Other common pregnancy problems are sleep problems. Sleep problems during pregnancy are caused by a lack of proper nutrition and exercise. To cope with such stress, a pregnant woman should exercise regularly and be supported by a balanced diet. They should also ensure that stress and anxiety are avoided and maintain regular sleep hours and rest periodically.

With these tips, common pregnancy problems can reduce on a large scale.

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