Lip augmentation cost and factors influencing it | Complete Guidance

Lip augmentation cost and factors influencing it | Complete Guidance
May 25, 2021

Lip Filling cost

Today we discussed lip augmentation and its cost. Effective lip augmentation through contouring is an injection procedure and one of the most popular. Usually, hypoallergenic and safe fillers are injected into the lips, the main component of which is hyaluronic acid.

The professional introduction of the filler is carried out by the fan, linear-retrograde technique, as well as their combinations/variations.

Where does the price of lip correction come from?

The most important thing that affects the cost of the procedure in the region and settlement in which the contouring is performed! In a large city, the price is higher than in the region.

The highest Lip augmentation cost varies in different cities! In fairness, it should be noted that almost all professional and experienced cosmetologists also strive to go to large cities.

In addition, the final price of the procedure is made up of three objective circumstances:

  • The cost of the injected filler;
    place of contouring;
    The levels of qualifications and experience of the specialist.
    The influence of drugs on the quality of the procedure
    The cosmetology market is saturated with drugs (often of unimportant quality and of dubious origin), which is why their right choice should become the privilege of a doctor.

Filler selection is always carried out on an individual basis, with a preliminary examination of the patient.

It is strongly not recommended to choose a drug based solely on its cost! A perfectly matched filler will give the lips exactly the effect the patient expects:

Plump and tight;
Plump and soft;
Tight and tight

Mistakes in the choice of the drug will become a source of health problems and lip aesthetics.

Preparations of well-known brands are more expensive to purchase, the difference can be up to 2-3 times!

Why buy expensive drugs from promoted brands?

After all, everything is the same inside!
The drugs of the world’s leading brands have undergone multiple studies, as well as the tests of time and world experience, and therefore deserve absolute trust.

Inexpensive drugs are most often used by novice cosmetologists who want to attract more clients due to the low cost of the procedure.

It is not difficult to identify an inexperienced specialist:

His age is less than 25-26 years (this is the sum of age, duration of study in medical universities, and internship). Although you can often find absolutely adult doctors offering the procedure “for an inexpensive”.

In all these cases, it is better to refuse from contour plastics or to require the use of the drug at least from a trusted manufacturer.

Even very beneficial injections are prohibited under the following circumstances:

At home;
In hairdressing salons;
In any other unlicensed location outside of clinics.

We have seen offers for lip augmentation at home for $62 USD  per 1 ml of the drug.

Do I need to tell you about all the risks?

How much does lip injection cost?

The average cost of lip augmentation in the world
The adequate volume of filler injected in one procedure is only 1 ml. This volume is taken as the basis for the average correction value.

In the world’s professional clinics, with experienced qualified doctors, such a procedure is available for about $273 USD.

Depending on the brand and the experience of the cosmetologist, the average price for drugs is as follows:

$245 – price for 1 ml of Belotero Intense;
$244  – 1 ml of Restylane;
$177  – 0.55 ml Juvederm Smile.

Good ways to save money

Firstly, you cannot buy drugs on your own, especially “inexpensively”! There is a huge risk of acquiring a fake, besides, a specialist with experience and experience is always fully responsible for the entire procedure – from the filler used to the quality of its introduction.

This is why the doctor will most likely refuse to administer a filler suggested by the patient.

Second, be skeptical about services:

Inexperienced doctors – complications are possible;
at home (cost in different cities of the world starts at $55).

The second opportunity to pay less will be the services of novice cosmetologists. They work for less pay and under the supervision of an experienced cosmetologist, if you see a proposal for a “set of models for the procedure” – this is exactly the case!

Conclusions and recommendations

This was the average cost for lip augmentation. You can call it to lip augmentation surgery.

Discounts in clinics with licenses and good cosmetologists are a reason to save money!

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