How are twins conceived? How to have twins Naturally

How are twins conceived? How to have twins Naturally
July 30, 2021

How to conceive twins or triplets naturally

Topics covers

  1. Types of twins: identical and fraternal
  2.  Difference between monozygotic and dizygotic twins
  3. Do twins have some fingerprints?
  4. How many sperms are needed to conceive twins?

How are twins conceived is the main topic we also cover other topics in this article just like the difference between monozygotic and dizygotic twins, conceive twins or triplets naturally.

Why do people call their child one in a million? 

 But at the same time, there was also confusion.. that if one child is conceived by sperm, then twins how to become? 

  There is also the question. If a baby is made of one sperm, then two children with two sperm..but the second sperm inside. 

How are twins conceived  or triplets conceived naturally

 How will it go?

Because first go inside the sperm only the egg seals itself. The gate is closed, Race over.. of second, third, fourth position There’s no place here, right?

There are two types identical and non-identical. 

  Well, it’s correct word is fraternal and science in the language of these, they are called monozygotic and dizygotic.. have become a little too heavy words, haven’t they? Let’s understand animation usually, female there is one egg in the body. When it gets a sperm If it is fertilized, it becomes an embryo.

But many times after this fertilization. Not one, but two embryos are formed. Feather  Because they were made from a single egg, the placenta is also the same. So either two boys would be born Or two girls who look exactly alike. Their DNA also matches to a great extent but the finger Prints vary. These are monozygotic is called. But sometimes it happens that a woman.

Two eggs can be formed in the body at once, Two sperms are needed to fertilize is that is, two different embryos are formed whose also have their own placenta. of these children, gender may be different altogether it’s just two brothers. There are sisters who are born together, more than there is no similarity between them. So.. as in the name itself is.. mono means 1.. one egg, one sperm.. and di means 2. Two eggs, two sperms.

Statistics show that every twin is born in one delivery out of 40 Of these, 1/3 are monozygotic and 2/3 are dizygotic. 

According to research, twins in the last two decades of being born have become more common. But why his Two reasons are given.

One is that the earlier comparison Today women are becoming late mothers age thirty After that it happens a lot. Another reason is the artificial Use of techniques like insemination or IVF. There is also the possibility of having more than one child.

Well, there was a time when people used to have twins. Being born also seemed like witchcraft Nazi Germany. I also did a lot of experiments on them but today we know that the science of the birth of twins knows and yes. One got slapped and the pain To others, this happens only in films. And children can be more than two.

Now someone has four kids.. dance in a nightclub and the other three also started moving their hands and feet. If you go, it will be a little strange.. isn’t it.

Come on, Two children understood, but some people have eight, nine, Or even ten children. If you also have ten children Have you heard the story of this woman who created you?

Let me tell you that it was Fake. Well, ten is not right..8 more the record of 9 children has definitely been made. in fact nine children just two months ago a lady in morocco had given birth.  It can also be understood in the same way. Did So one egg will divide into many embryos.

It is possible up to three.. more than that. Usually Does not happen like this. And.. or else.. in a woman’s body Make many eggs at once.

After the age of 35 can it happen. because the body at that time of menopause is progressing. So it’s possible that one month, not a single egg is made and in any month two or three become.

But most of this has been seen when the woman is undergoing her fertility treatment and Eggs are being made in their body either by giving medicine Or more than one egg under a technique like IVF Fertilize and put it in the body. Details on IVF I’ll talk about some other day. At the moment a confusion And want to solve that when fertilization 

 The way is the same, then how is it decided? Whether the embryo will turn into a boy or a girl. Pregnancy is usually felt after a month Is. By then such an embryo has been formed. The size is only six millimeters i.e. even a grain of a pea nearly half. But still, the neck and hands, and feet start to form have been. But the gender has not been determined. This happens between the seventh and twelfth week. During this, if the embryo’s xx chromosome develops. 

If you do, it will be a girl. and if xy become That’s a boy. But it is not that easy either in this genes and hormones play a big role, especially the Makeup of hormones called testosterone and estradiol. Embryo about one centimeter by the sixth or seventh week It’s done. i.e. just like peas of size sex glands or reproductive glands develop be it a boy or a girl.

Initially, these glands are exactly the same in both are there. from these glandstestes can be formed, which releases a hormone called testosterone. 

 Due to this, the development of the sex of boys is possible. The penis begins to form around the ninth week Goes. But just saw it through ultrasound Can’t go. Well, this is just a possibility. 

  It may also happen that the reproductive glands start turning into ovaries. In such A hormone called estradiol is released. This Causes first the fallopian tubes and uterus and then the labia and vagina are ready. In countries that I am allowed to know the gender before birth, There the doctor is usually from the twelfth to fourteenth week. Between can tell about this embryo before or such changes are taking place continuously in the embryo by which he can become a boy as well as a girl. ie this Totally over on the game of genes and hormones depends whether there will be a son or a daughter eventually. 

 And if this process is not done properly, then it can happen that the penis develops despite having xx chromosomes It means that the child has the qualities of both the boy and the girl. These are called intersex, by the way, there is also a lot of confusion in gender and sexuality lives. gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex, sex.. what is the difference between all these. So wait for my new article.

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