Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C Which Hepatitis is most dangerous? What is liver inflammation?Inflammation of the liver, also called hepatitis or jaundice, is a disease that causes impaired liver function. The liver is a vital organ that processes many substances, filters blood and fights infections.  When the liver is inflamed or damaged, its work is disrupted and a …

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Adult acne

Adult acne Acne is often mistakenly considered a disease of adolescence. However, almost half of women suffer from it and men can also be affected. Even discreet, this form of acne is often very badly experienced on the psychological level. The treatments are generally the same as for adolescent acne, apart from a few specific …

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Anxiety What is that?

AnxietyWhat is that? Anxiety is an unpleasant emotion that combines physical symptoms (the heart beats fast and hard, breathing seems difficult, sweating, tremors, dizziness or sweaty hands, tense body, tense muscles) and anxious thoughts (worries, ruminations, obsessions, doubts, fears). Different anxiety disorders are distinguished by what triggers anxiety and the intensity and duration of symptoms. …

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